Dallas, Texas

If you are looking for a wonderful place to settle down and enjoy life to the fullest, then Dallas is ideal. Dallas has something to offer for everyone. Individuals who are intellectually inclined can take advantage of continuing their education at some of the finest institutions of higher learning, such as University of Texas at Dallas.

Individuals who are interested in learning about history will also enjoy Dallas because there are a number of historical sites and museums to visit. Some of the most notable are The African American Museum, The Dallas Holocaust Museum, the Six Floor Museum, and the shopping malls.

Sports are also highly prized in Dallas, which will be to the delight of staunch sports enthusiasts. Dallas is home of the Dallas Cowboys, as well as the Dallas Cowboy's stadium.

If you are interested in seeing a place that is full of history and splendor, you will find it here in Dallas. Dallas is a city that is full of life. Dallas has something to appeal to everyone's senses. Welcome to the city of Dallas, where you will be able to make just about anything happen.

Dallas History

Dallas is a young city compared to most in this country; however, this city has a very colorful past that is worth delving into. Let us take a look at what Dallas is all about.

Dallas was first established in 1839 by a Tennessee lawyer named John Neely Bryan. John Neely Bryan was wandering about, and he came to this city. When he stumbled on what is now known as Dallas, he saw this as an opportunity to establish a lucrative trading post. John Neely Bryan felt that Dallas had everything to make a thriving city, such as plenty of Native Americans who could be potential customers, numerous natural resources, and lots of good land.

So the prominent lawyer went back to Tennessee to tie up loose ends, and then he came to Dallas in 1941 to establish the city. John Neely Bryan claimed 640 acres, a town square that contained a courthouse, and twenty streets. it was from this small settlement that Dallas grew to what it is today.

Dallas In The Twentieth Century

Many notable things happened in Dallas during the twentieth century. For instance, Neiman Marcus opened up in the downtown part of Dallas, redefining the fashion of everyone in the city. In 1930, a very large oil field was developed, and Dallas became a region of booming activity in the oil industry. At this time, Dallas truly struck gold.

The 1960's brought heartache to the city when President Kenedy was shot there. the people of Dallas were upset over this ordeal for quite some time. It took the people a couple of years to regain their self-esteem, as there were a number of notable events that occurred later on that will always be remembered.

Later on in the 1960's the all time famous Dallas Cowboys made their march to fame. Also during that time, a large number of entrepeneurs established very solid businesses which later turned into successful corporations that are still thriving today, such as Six Flags Over Texas. In 1974, the Dallas Fortworth airport was opened, and it still continues to be used by millions today. Dallas was so successful that in the 1980's, Fortune Magazine named Dallas to be the Number one Business center in all of the country.

Dallas is one of the top convention locations in all of the United States of America. Dallas has a number of hotels that offer first rate accommodations, and there is a wide variety of restaurants and shops that tourists can visit. Even to this day, Dallas continues to enjoy monumental success.

About Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a city that is bustling with commercialism and is full of opportunity. Individuals in the city can shop at a number of fine shops at some of the greatest malls in the nation, and they can take advantage of a number of the recreational establishments around the town. Entrepreneurs also find Dallas to be heavenly because the city provides them with a wealth of opportunity. entrepreneurs can make use of a number of resources to gain success, such as the Chamber of Commerce, which has helped thousands of business owners for decades. Though we are living in a time of severe recession, a large number of people still report that they are having success in Dallas.

Tourism is also a major money maker for the city of Dallas. Dallas contains a number of outstanding attractions that appeal to people all over the world. The Six Floor Museum, The Dallas Holocaust Museum, and The African American Museum are among these outstanding attractions.

In addition to sporting a number of fine attractions, Dallas has a wide range of spectacular hotels that provide some of the best accommodations in the country. As a matter of fact, Dallas is a convention hot spot. The Dallas Cowboys' games also bring people from all over the nation to Dallas, as well as from all over the world. People come to watch the Cowboys play in Dallas's outstanding stadium. Tourists can also enjoy a large number of very peaceful nature parks. Dallas has no shortage of these parks, as parksof all kinds can be found around the city. There are nature parks that tailor to those who love to go bird watching, and there are parks that tailor to the interests of those who like to sit in a peaceful garden in take in the beauty of nature. Families can also enjoy a number of family friendly activities, such as going to amusement parks and swimming pools.

The culture of Dallas is also of great interest to those living in the city as well as to outsiders. People of Latino descent, as well as White, Blacks, Asians, and Native Americans live together in harmony. Individuals who are looking to experience the different cultures by attending various festivals and eating various dishes can do so right in the city of Dallas. Dallas contains a number of restaurants that reflect the various cultures that are in this city, as well as a large number of organizations that are set up to cater to the interests of these cultures. Individuals can feel free to visit these organizations and restaurants to receive an experience of a lifetime. Not to mention, individuals will receive a warm welcome and be able to make many new friends.

About Dallas County, Texas

Dallas county has a population of 2,294,706 and is a county that is rich in history and culture. The county was first established in the later 1800's, when a prominent Tennessee lawyer first established a small town that would later blow up to become what Dallas is today. The city of Dallas is right in the center of the county, and the city and county have a whole lot of historical attractions that have brought tourists from all over the world to the area.

Along with the rich history that this county provides, the county provides a rich cultural experience. A number of different people from all different cultures reside in the county and allow people from all over to experience the many things that these cultures have to offer. Not to mention, the many individuals from these culturs are able to live together in harmony with one another. this is unique, considering that this is not found in too many parts of the country.

Dallas County has a number of recreational activities for people of all ages. Some recreational hot spots in the county are Gale Fields Recreation Center, Granger Recreation Center, Holford Recreation Center, and various summer camps for people of all ages. In addition, there are a number of clubs and other various organizations where people can go to engage in a multitude of hobbies. Individuals can do anything from knitting and cake baking to archery ad hunting.

Though a whole lot of Dallas County is urbanized and has a dense population, the county is still growing. New businesses and housing developments are being established all of the time. People from all over the nation, as well as from other parts of the world, are moving into Dallas County to experience all of the numerous benefits that this county has to offer, and the benefits are, indeed, very plentiful.