Columbus Gallery

The metropolitan area of Columbus is filled with picturesque views and offer innumerable opportunities for practicing camera work. Being one of the premium cities of the State of Ohio, Columbus has a number of Heritage buildings, temples, churches, chapels; and for people who love to capture nature with their cameras the city has natural reserves including parks, zoos and gardens.

One of the highlights of the city, the Franklin Park Conservatory, combines both manmade architectural brilliance and natural treasure under the same roof. The exterior of this building is magnificently designed with exquisite work of art; the inside of the building, on the other hand, boasts a botanical garden.

The city is named after the famous discoverer of America, so it's quite obvious that there would be opportunities available for the visitors to get close and personal with the deeds of the great explorer. A replica of Santa Maria, the famous ship of Columbus, is displayed at the city's Scioto River.

Some other places of Columbus known for their intriguing beauty include: the LeVeque Tower and the Topiary Garden in downtown Columbus, the Ohio Statehouse in Capitol Square, Indoor Gardens in Indianola Avenue, the Leveque tower in Broad Street and the Park of Roses inside the Whetstone Park of North High Street.