Columbus Weather and Climate

The climate of the metropolitan statistical area of Columbus can be described as an amalgamation of humid subtropical and humid continental climates. The region experiences hot and muggy summer months and extremely dry winters. 


The hottest recorded temperature in the city of Columbus till date is 106° Fahrenheit and coolest temperature experienced by the city is -22° Fahrenheit. The average temperature during the summer months stay over 80°F and during the winter months the temperature constantly drops below freezing point. On an average Columbus gets 122 days of temperature below 32°F, annually. The hottest month of the city is July and January is the coldest month. 

On an average, the yearly rainfall occurring in Columbus results in a precipitation of 40 inches. The city gets the largest share of its rainfall in the summer months; however, the precipitation is spread more or less evenly all through the year. Due to this uniformity of precipitation in Columbus, the city experiences muchless snowfall than what is expected by cities having similar geographic location.

The residents of Columbus often experience extreme weather conditions, which include blizzards, tornadoes and thunderstorms. Although tornadoes invade the city pretty rarely, the natives of this place are familiar with tornado warnings issued by the state’s weather department. Blizzards, on the other hand, occur once in every 2 to 3 years. The low lying area of the city often suffers from flood caused by spring storms; but the conditions never become enough grave for endangering the metropolitan region of Columbus.  

If you are preparing to plan a tour to Columbus and enjoy the time to the fullest, then you must visit the city in September. It is the ideal time for vacationing in Columbus. During this time the temperature will be much lower than the average temperature of summer months and there will be still time for the winters to arrive. September in spite of having an extremely soothing weather is the sunniest month of Columbus, which will allow you to travel around without any obstruction.