Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is an ideal place for anyone to settle down or visit. This city has everything a person searches for before settling down anywhere permanently. The city has enough employment opportunities both for the fresher and experienced professionals.

If you are worried about educational facilities available in Columbus, rest assured; the city has some of the best schools, colleges and Universities in US. One of the premium school district of the city is the Columbus City Schools or CCS; over 55,000 pupils study in the 142 high, middle and elementary schools operated by CCS. The other famous school districts of Columbus are: South-Western City Schools and Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus. The most well known colleges and universities here include names like: Columbus State Community College, Ohio State University, Westerville's Otterbein University, Columbus College of Art and Design etc.

For people enthusiastic about sports and recreation, this city comes with many reasons for settling down. It hosts sporting events throughout the year; some of the most popular ones are: American Motorsports Arenacross Championships, Lint Roller, Major League Soccer etc. People interested in art and culture will get to witness annual events like Columbus Arts Festival and Jazz & Ribs Festival.

If you are thinking of a place offering great opportunities to students, fresher looking for suitable jobs and experienced professionals in search of better employment, then Columbus will surely be one of the first few places that will come to mind. The city also has enough resources that make it ideal both as a tourist destination and a place where you will love to live permanently.

Columbus History

The city of Columbus is Ohio's capital and is also the largest city of the state. The city is situated on Scioto River, at a place where the Olentangy River joins it. This place, where you now find Columbus, was referred to as Ohio Country during the 18th century. During that time the region was under the rule of the French Empire. The area was densely inhabited by European traders, majority of whom came to the place for fur trading.

During the initial years of the 1750s, the Ohio Company of Virginia sent George Washington to this region for surveying. This resulted in war between the French rulers and the European leaders and also triggered the Indian War. Finally, through the Treaty of Paris, the French Monarchs surrendered the Ohio Country to the powerful British Empire.

The region got its first settlement in the year 1797. The western part of Scioto River was the first place to be inhabited. The group of inhabitants was lead by a person called Lucas Sullivant; he along with the other members of the group named this community as Franklinton. Till the year 1816, Chillicothe, a city located in the southern part of the state was regarded as the capital of the state. During this time 4 businessmen belonging to the Franklinton community came with an offer of donating land around the eastern part of Scioto River. However, they had a condition that the newly added land will have to be made the capital of the state. The newly added land was named as Columbus, after the famous explorer Christopher Columbus and in the same year i.e. 1816, Columbus was designated as Ohio's capital. Columbus obtained city charter in the year 1834 and annexed Franklinton in 1871.

The city of Columbus was used as site of the Fort Chase (prison for the Confederate soldiers) in time of the famous Civil War. In 1865, when the entire Confederacy surrendered, the Fort Chase had more than 10,000 men confined in it, of which around 2,000 died in confinement.

Another prominent incident witnessed by the residents of Columbus is the flood of 1913. This flood occurring as a result of the overflowing of Scioto River killed over 100 people; it also resulted in an estimated property damage of $9 million, which was big money during those days. This unpleasant incident forced the natives of this place to institute a flood control program.

It is probably due to these shocking incidents faced by Columbus during its early days, the city is now steady enough to fight any natural or manmade calamity. In spite of struggling during the initial days after its conception, Columbus is now one of the most prosperous cities of United States.

About Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio MSA can be described as the metropolitan region that is centered on Columbus, the capital of the state of Ohio. Columbus covers a total area of 3169.2 sq. miles or 8207.sq. km. The population of this region of Ohio is close to 1.8 million i.e. the region has a population density of 490.3 per sq. mile. The metropolitan area of Columbus is also 3rd largest among the other metropolitan regions of the state of Ohio. The top two positions are taken away by Greater Cincinnati and Greater Cleveland.

The employment landscape of this region is dominated significantly by public sector. The area has around 60,000 government employees working at different offices of the federal government and the Ohio State University. This makes government jobs the biggest employment sector of the region. The second biggest sector providing employment opportunities is the financial sector. Financial Institutions like Huntington Bank, Commerce National Bank, KeyBank and Nationwide Insurance recruits many employees every year. However, the biggest employer of Columbus in this sector is JPMorgan Chase.

Columbus is regarded as one of the business capitals of Ohio. Being the hub of a number of large scale industries, this place is also known for offering great employment opportunities to the natives of Columbus as well as people coming from different parts of Ohio and other US states. Among the private sector employers, the biggest names belong to the manufacturing industry. The region houses the headquarters of a number of premium automobile, garments, scientific equipment, chemical product and electric utility manufacturers of the world, which has further increased the number of employment opportunities available in the city.

The educational facilities existing at the metropolitan statistical area of Columbus are also equally impressive. If availability of great employment opportunities is one factor responsible for increase in the population of the region in the last 10 years, then the other most significant factor is the high standards set by the academic institutions of the region. Students from different corners of the country as well as from other parts of the world seek admissions in the schools, colleges and universities of Columbus. The most famed school districts of Columbus are: OH MSA are: Columbus City Schools, Hamilton Local School District, Millennium Community School District, Columbus Collegiate Academy School District etc. Some of the finest academic institutions of Columbus that offer higher education are: Ohio Institute of Health Careers, Columbus State Community College, Ohio State University, Columbus College of Art and Design etc.

Like any other famous city of the world, Columbus also encourages its residents to take up sports as career or participate in sporting activities for fun; the world class stadiums and arenas like Cooper Stadium, Huntington Park, Columbus Motor Speedway etc stand as testimony of this fact.

About Franklin County, Ohio

The city of Columbus is a part of three counties of Ohio, Franklin County, Fairfield County and Delaware County. However, the city is the county seat of Franklin County. The Franklin County hosts the 2nd highest population among the other counties of Ohio. The current population of this county is around 1,165,000. The population of Franklin County is around 9.5 percent of the state's total population. Columbus is situated in the central region of this county. Around 66.56 percent of the county's population resides in Columbus. The remaining inhabitants of Franklin County stay in its townships and suburbs.

The next county, of which Columbus is a part, is the Fairfield County. The population of this county is around 122, 759. The county seat of Fairfield is Lancaster; the name of this county is also derived from a region called Fairfield situated in original Lancaster. This county covers an area of 1,318.3 sq. km, out of which 7.8 sq. km is water and the rest is land. Fairfield County is situated at the boundary area of Appalachian, a region in the state of Ohio. Two other cities of this county are: Reynoldsburg and Pickerington. Other than these four cities, Fairfield County also has a number of townships, villages and a census designated area known as the Fairfield Beach.

The Delaware County has around 142,500 residents and is recognized as the fastest developing county of Ohio; it also stands in the 11th position on the list of the fastest developing counties of United States. According to the analysts, this county will experience significant growth in the next 10 years. A survey conducted by a popular magazine has depicted Delaware County as the 5th best place of United States for raising family; the survey has also described this county as the finest place of Ohio, where you can reside.