Welcome to Ohio! The Buckeye State. Ohio is the 7th most populous state in the United States with over 2 million residents. The state's capital is Columbus and the state was named from the Iroquois word "ohi-yo" which means "great river". Ohio was admitted into the Union on March 1, 1803 as the 17th state and has continued expand and grow since its inception.

The beautiful Ohio is the 34th largest state in the United States in terms of its geographical area. Columbus is the capital city of this state. With over 11 million residents, Ohio ranks seventh in the list of most populous states in United States. It was the17th state to be admitted to the Union.

State Nickname

Among states in the US having a state nickname is a common practice. In Ohio the state's nickname is "The Buckeye State". The name was chosen due to the area having many buckeye trees on the hills and plains of the country. The name "Buckeye" stems from native Americans - Indians and is called the "hetuck" nut, which means buck eye.

Climate Summary

Ohio experiences winters that are cold and summers that are mild in the eastern highlands. In the southern region of Ohio the state experiences the warmest temperatures that last much longer than the rest of the state with 198 days of warm weather in comparison to 150 to 178 days.

State Tax Situation

The State of Ohio enforces the collection of tax on personal income. The state also collects local sales tax on merchandise and foods that are purchased through its various counties and cities. The state also enforces an inheritance tax on its citizens.

Government Summary

Based on the provisions of the Constitution, the state has three arms and these are the executive, legislature and the judiciary. There is a governor for the state and a tenure lasts for four years.

State Seal

The state of Ohio has had its offical seal for more than two hundred years. However, the seal has been modified over time and the current state seal was adopted in 1996. On the outer ring of the seal read the words "The Great Seal of The State Of Ohio" and in the inner circle Ohio's diverse geography is displayed.

Motto & Description

The motto of the state of Ohio is "With God, All Things Are Possible". The quote was taken from Matthew, 19:26.

State Flag

The state's official flag is called the Ohio burgee and was adopted in 1902. The flag is designed based on the pennant which was used by the Ohio cavalry during 1862 and 1865. The flag is red, white and blue with 14 stars, a circle and stripes.

State Bird

The state of Ohio has chosen the Cardinal as their state bird. The bird was desinated as the official Ohio state bird by the General Assembly in 1933.

State Flower

The state of Ohio has chosen the Scarlet Carnation as their cultivated flower and the Large White Trillium as their wildflower.

State Animal

The sstate of Ohio has chosen the White Tailed Deer as their official state animal. The deer is a wild deer that is found throughout the state.

State Song And Description

The state of Ohio's official song is "Beautiful Ohio" and was written by Ballard MacDonald and adopted as the state's official song in 1989.

State Colors

The state of Ohio is associated with the colors red, white and blue. For each state in the United States, it is a custom and tradition to choose their own personal state colors.