Columbus Business Information

The metropolitan statistical area of Columbus is known for offering great employment opportunities through the reputed business houses located here. People having intent of doing big in the field of business will also find this place ideal for initiating new enterprises. The most thriving business sector of Columbus is the manufacturing sector. The city houses the biggest manufacturing complex of North America owned and operated by the famous automobile manufacturer Honda. Downtown Columbus on the other hand is home to one of the biggest names among the makers of electric utilities, AEP. Mettler Toledo, renowned worldwide for producing high quality scientific equipments is also based in the Polaris area of Columbus.

Besides the manufacturing sector, the other most flourishing businesses of Columbus are the fast food chains of the city. One of the most successful fast food chains of the state of Ohio, White Castle has its base in Columbus. Names of some relatively smaller, yet popular fast food chains of the city are: Steak Escape and Charley's Grilled Subs.

The tech sector of Columbus is also well established. The big names that are part of the city's tech sector include: Microcenter, Qwest, Sterling Commerce and Online Computer Library Center.

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