Saint Louis Major Streets and Roadways

Like any other city in the United States, St. Louis is also known for the well-planned and grid-pattern streets. This makes them easily accessible as well as searchable whenever tourists visit the place. Statistics show that there are 602 miles or 970 Kms of alleyes and 994 miles or 1,600 Kms of streets within the city of St. Louis. The precise planning of streets based on the East-West and North-South orientation shows the strong foundation on which the city is laid and helps everyone to easily navigate between the streets. The numbered streets in St. Louis start from side of the Mississippi river and will extend as they go west. The numbered streets run through the downtown as well as downtown west.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-64 - Traverses city W to E
  • I-44 - Branches from city center to SW
  • I-55 - Traverses city SW to NE
  • I-70 - Traverses along N end of city dipping down into city center W to E
  • I-270 - Connects I-70 to I-70 where it dips into city W to E
  • I-170 - Small section on NW side of city
  • I-255 - Circles much of city on S