About Missouri

Missouri is a splendid state located in the midwestern area of United States. It is the 18th most populated state in the nation with a population of almost 60 million in the year 2010. St.Louis city is the capital of Missouri state with a remarkable history attached to it.

State Nickname

Unlike other states, the Missouri state doesn't really have an official nick name although it has many unofficial nick names. The most famous among them being "show me" state since 1890s.

Climate Summary

With cold winters and humid sunmmes, the state of Missouri is known for a humid continental climate. The region experiences dry days in summers with temperature climbing to 118° F and winters experiencing freezing temperature as low as -40 ° F.

State Tax Situation

The state of Missouri does enforce tax both on real estate property as well as personal property apart from personal income. The personal income is taxed between 1.5% to 6 % based on ten different earning brackets.

Government Summary

Like most of the other states in United States, Missouri too has three arms of Government. These are the executive, legislature and the Judiciary are known to strengthen the functioning of the Government.

State Seal

On 11th of January, 1822, the state of Missouri adopted its Great Seal. This splendid seal has Great Seal of the United States at the center with sybols representing the state on either sides. To represent strength and bravery, a bear is placed on both sides of the center circle.

Motto & Descripion

The state of Missouri has a official motto, "Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law". In latin it is said as "Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto". The motto of the state certainly proves the attitude towards the welfare of the citizens.

State Flag

The flag of Missouri has plenty of history attached to it. It was stiched by Marie Elizabeth Watkins oliver in Jackson of Missouri state and was finally adoptd in the year 1913. The most amazing thing is that it remained unchanged untill this day.

State Bird

The state bird of Missouri is the bluebird adopted in 1927. True to its name, the bird is considered as a hapiness symbol. The birds length is about about 7 inches and is often witnessed during early springs in the state of Missouri.

State Flower

On March 16, 1923, the "White Hawthorn" blossom was adopted as the Missouri's state flower. These flowers grow in white bunches and are very commonly witnessed in the southern Missouri.

State Animal

The state animal chosen by the citizens of Missuouri is the "Mule". It is commonly related to horse and zebra. The size of the mule ranges between 38 to 63 inches.

State Song And Description

The Missouri Waltz which came from a melody by John Valentine Eppel and later arranged by Frederic Knight Logan became the official song of Missouri state since June 30, 1949.

State Colors

The state of Missouri, like any other state in United States is associated with multiple colors, Red, White and Blue. All these are part of the Missouri's state flag as well.