Saint Louis Business Information

The city of St. Louis has grown into a business hub of Missouri with many major companies setting their base here. It is known for a vibrant environment as far as business is concerned and offers excellent opportunity for those who want to establish or expand business in various fields. With 8 Fortune 500 companies, St. Louis alone contributes about 40% to Missouri's total state product. St. Louis port offers an excellent platform for many businesses as its river is vital in importing bulk goods and commodities such as grain, salt, petroleum and chemical products, coal, etc. The city is not too far behind when it comes to information technology either. The west county suburb of St. Louis plays home to the headquarters of Perficient, an established information technology firm in the United States.

Talking about the business of St. Louis will never be complete without mentioning Anheuser-Busch, which makes the official beer of Missouri and has its headquarters located here. The city is also the major hub of biotechnology and medicine and has one of the top pediatric hospitals in the United States, St. Louis Children's Hospital.

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