Saint Louis, Missouri

The city of St. Louis has plenty of reasons that could encourage you to settle down here. The city has excellent civic as well as accomodation facilities which are on par with other major cities in the United States. It has a host of educational institutions that can lay a firm foundation for your children's future. 

St. Louis is also home to major health institutions in the United States. For those who are interested in arts, the city offers many historical museums such as Arts Museum, Missouri History Musuem, City Museum, etc. The city also has plenty of greenery in Missouri Botanical Garden, forest park, city garden and many more.

The city is popular for sports and recreation as the well-known Busch Stadium hosts baseball games and gives you a chance to cheer for MLB's Cardinals, NFL's Rams and NHL's Blues. In addition, attractions such as the Gateway Arch, churches, casinos are sure to catch your imagination.

Welcome to the city of St. Louis, the home for entertainment, business, scenery and world-class health facilities. The  beauty of the city and its attractions are sure to make you feel amused. The city of St. Louis is a virtual paradise for visitors as well as residents.

St. Louis History

St. Louis, Missouri boasts of a history that dates back to ancient times. It began with the settlement of the native Americans in the area of St. Louis. Along with Native Americans, the mound builders formed part of the Mississippian culture until the 15th century, who also started settling in the St. Louis area. French explorers started arriving in the area in the late 1600s and by the early 1700s started establishing trading posts. The beginning of a settlement in February 1764 can be credited to Pierre Laclede and Auguste Choateau, the leaders of a French trading company.

The fine location of the Mississippi River helped and also played a significant role in the growth of the city. The American Revolutionary War saw the city playing a bit of role too. The city became an integral part of the United States in the year 1804 with the Louisiana Purchase.

St. Louis, before becoming a part of the United States, formed part of Spain and France. With the Treaty of San II Defonso the Spanish government transferred Louisiana to France in October, 1802. After just a couple of years, the United States took the responsibility of Louisiana which then included St. Louis. The flag of France was lowered and the flag of the United States was kept in full mast at the government buildings on March 10, 1804.

Before the American Civil War, St. Louis was known for its western fur trade and played a pivotal role in trading operations with the American West. Public schools and water works were established during that period. The Dred Scott Case, which was filed by St. Louis sometime in the 1850s, is considered one of the causes of American Civil War. The infrastructure of the city developed manifold after the Civil War. Railroads improved and the city became a hub of industrial activity, which led to the increase in population. In order to cater to the rising population, the Eads Bridge was constructed over the Mississippi. The city of St. Louis was separated from the County during 1876.

In the 19th century, the city saw the emergence of Italian immigrants who helped in the expansion of winemaking. A considerable rise in the immigration from southern and eastern Europe was witnessed in the early 20th century. With the increasing prosperity, the city also became the seat for many famous people in the fields of literature and business.

The success was also built in St. Louis with the pioneering brass era of automobile company. The city also boasts the construction of the Wainwright Building, one of the earliest skyscrapers of the world. The prestigious Olympics Games which was part of the 1904 World's Fair was also hosted by the city.

About St. Louis, Missouri

Like any other city, St. Louis has its own charm and history that excites tourists to visit. Over the years, it has not just become a major tourist hub but also grown into a center for business with many popular wine companies setting their base here. The lure for business has invited big investors and has had tremendous influence on the real estate industry.

There are more reasons why this city sets itself apart from other cities and it is not all about business. People come here for excellent education and health care facilities that are on par with any other place in the United States. St. Louis has many research centers for cancer and other life threatening diseases. It is also known as the center for medicine and biotechnology. It has some of the best schools, colleges and universities in the United States that offer a quality education platform for students who want to make it big in their future.

The city has many historical monuments, architectural wonders, parks, museums, and recreational locations that just make it a paradise for the tourists. The tourism industry contributes major revenue to the government, who has ensured that proper facilities are also provided to tourists. The city has much to offer for locals as well as visitors and this makes St. Louis even more popular.

St. Louis has about 8 of the Fortune 500 companies such as Anheuser-Busch, Katz Group of companies, and Perficient, among others. They have only added to the popularity of business in the city. It also has the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis which is one of the three Federal Reserve banks in Missouri.

Any person visiting St. Louis will agree to the fact that it has plenty of entertainment in store for them such as art museums and galleries. The Gateway Arch is certainly the focal point and has remained the most visited location in the city. There are many parks and botanical gardens to relax in after a busy day of sightseeing, and there are also many historical  churches to visit.

About St. Louis County, Missouri

St. Louis County is as famous as that of the city itself with almost a million inhabitants residing in various parts. It is the largest county in the state of Missouri and it has plenty of history to make it exciting too. Originally a French colonial district, St. Louis County was organized in 1812 and the city of St. Louis was separated from the county in March 1877. It was the first county in Missouri to adopt a charter home rule in the year 1950 as per the Missouri constitution. However, over a period of time, the county itself grew larger than St. Louis city as per the 2010 U.S. Census although there has been a substantial fall in the population in both areas.

St. Louis County has a geographical area of 524 square miles of which 95% is land. It has a continental climate due to the absence of large mountains and water bodies. This keeps the temperature moderate. The county has seen a rapid increase in employment growth over the past 2-3 years. There are many well-equipped hospitals and healthcare organizations located in the county to cover the medical needs of the citizens. One of the well-known hospitals is Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital.

St. Louis County also has many educational institutions that offer excellent educational facilities to the students. This has helped the county residents tremendously as they don't have to shift to other cities or counties for higher education.