Miami Weather and Climate

Visitors to Miami are assured of a warm temperature which translates into warm days and nights throughout the 12 months. Miami's climate can be defined as a tropical monsoon climate that brings short warm and dry winters and hot and humid summers. The climate is the result of the position of Miami just above the Tropic of Cancer and also the fact that this region falls in the way of the Gulf Stream. The city receives on an average 60 inches of rain annually. The rainy season is mostly the months of June, August and September, however these is some precipitation throughout the year.

The tropical monsoon climate of Miami is an absolute delight to tourists who can party throughout the year. Warm summers are accompanied by delightful showers which tend to bring the temperature down. The area is hit occasionally by hurricanes, but none so strong that it can cause widespread damage. On an average one hurricane in four years is recorded in Miami. Tornadoes do not strike Miami, except two rare occurrences in 1925 and 1997.

The climate of Miami is one of the best climates in United States. The temperatures never reach scorching levels that it is too hot to go out on the beach or winters so cold that you need warm clothes. The month which experiences the highest temperature is the month of August and the months of December are the coldest. The city never receives snow, however on two rare instances snow did indeed fall in Miami, one in 1977 and one in 2010. Visitors don't have to worry about being stuck in snow, because on the two rare occurrences the snow was too little to cause any trouble.

The recorded lowest temperature for the city of Miami was 30 deg F, below which the temperature has never dropped. The recorded highest temperature was a manageable 100 deg F in July 1942. The average high in the month of February is 77 deg F and a low of 61 deg F. The months of December experience a high of 76.8 deg F and a low of 61.6 deg F. The best time to visit Miami is between January and April; however the other months are also not off the tourist lists.