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Miami bedazzles millions of people around the world who view its beauty through their browsers, images and hundreds of movies and television shows that are shot here. The city is an year round hotspot for celebrities, sporting professionals, young party loving crowd and thousands of international business men. The city ranks among the cleanest cities in America and is the number one on the healthiest cities list in United States. The sparkling Atlantic ocean waters offer water sport enthusiasts a chance to indulge in diving, fishing, water skating, surfing, swimming or just resting on a yacht under a perfect sunlight.

The streets of Miami are filled with beautiful people and buildings, a combination that is not found anywhere in the world. There is absolutely nothing missing in Miami that a person could wish for, from affordable nightlife and water sports to absolutely mind boggling luxury, all in one city. For people interested in history, they will be surprised to find the abundance of high quality museums that offer deep insight into the evolution of Miami and South Florida.

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