Miami Business Information

Miami ranks among the global financial centers and has an incredibly strong presence of business community. It has the distinction of being called as the "Beta World City" because of its role in the global economic city. In the global GDP rankings Miami is ranked 20th and 11th overall in United States. Many Forbes 500 companies and large companies have their headquarters in Miami which include Bacardi, Ryder Systems, Vector Group, Brightstar Corporation, Burger King, Univision and many others. Being close to Latin America, many companies such as AIG, Microsoft, Yahoo, Disney, Exxon, Cisco, etc have their Latin headquarters in Miami.

The Port of Miami is one of the busiest ports in United States with cargo from Caribbean and South America reaching United States. The Miami International Airport is also among the busiest. The city is the playground of rich and the famous from all over the world. Many branches of major international banks have their offices in Miami. The local government offers numerous tax advantages to businesses of every size, with its state corporate tax being charged at 5.5 percent, among the lowest in United States. It is very easy to obtain business permits and many local resources are available that help new businesses succeed.

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