Miami Events

Visitors coming to Miami at any time of the year will be able to find events in which they can participate or view live. Major sporting events such as the Sony Ericsson Open, NASDAQ 100 Open Sessions, World PGA Golf Championships, Miami Beach Polo World Cup, Board Up! Miami Swim tournament, Yamaha Contender Miami Billfist tournament and other are annually organized here. Apart from these events, there are minor events such as marathons, cycling races and others that let visitors indulge themselves in some competitive spirit.

If you prefer events other than sports, then you can just as easily witness many of the consecutive musical, art, film festivals, theatre or miscellaneous events across Miami throughout the year. Some the events that are organized annually are:

  • Art Deco Weekend Festival
  • South Beach Dachshund Winterfest
  • Miami Beach Festival of the Arts
  • Caribbean Festival
  • Miami International Film Festival
  • Miami International Fashion Week

Miami Events

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