Miami Major Streets and Roadways

The streets of Miami are similar to many of the other cities in United States are laid out in a grid fashion, with the Miami airport occupying the center of the city that has more length North to South that it has breath East to West. The streets of Miami are divided into four quadrants: Notheast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest.

Flagler Street is the divider between North and South quadrants. All the courts, avenues, places and roads run from north to south. Flagler Street is one of the most famous streets in Miami, named after the rail road magnate who connected Miami with trains and aided development.

Miami Avenue is the division between East and West quadrants, making it easy for anyone to understand the map of Miami. The city is known for its bumper to bumper traffic which people from non-urban areas aren't used to. There are no quadrants in the Miami Beach isle, only four bridges that connect the two sides of the city. Dissecting the street addresses can help figure out the exact street that you have to get to.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-75 - N to S on north end of city
  • I-595 - W to E on north end of city
  • I-95 - N to S through city
  • I-195 - W to E in city center
  • I-395 - W to E in city center
  • Palmetto Expressway - N to S on W side of city