Phoenix Recreation and Activities

The various hills of the city provide a lot of opportunity for recreational activity. Camelback Mountain has 2 hiking trails that are extremely popular. These include the Echo Canyon Trail and the Cholla Trail. Both these trails are considered tough and steep.

The Phoenix Mountain Preserve is a group of parks that are located in the Phoenix Mountains. They are sometimes called the Piesewa peak or the Squaw Peak. The north part of the park has the trailhead called Dreamy Draw Recreational Area.

The official Parks and recreation Department is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the park. This department also looks into the maintenance of the public golf courses.

Phoenix Recreation Activities

Phoenix Night Life

The Phoenix night life is exciting! People from every walk of life find their niche and have a ton of great options to choose from. Some venues are award winning and some attract celebrity visitors. Great food, great atmospheres, great music and great people make for an exciting night on the town. Social Scene Many Phoenix residents and visitors love to play, party, and mingle. There are venues...

Phoenix Parks

Phoenix features some great parks. Families, exercise buffs, and others looking to escape city life and engage in wholesome recreational activities can find all sorts of park styles. Some are near water features, some have playgrounds. Some have running areas and others have large fields. The parks are an important aspect of community life. For that reason, they are maintained regularly. Phoenix...

Phoenix Golf and Golf Courses

Phoenix has some great golf. It has a great season of ideal outdoor weather and climate for trips to the links. Some courses are located near top notch resorts with specials targeting frequent golfers. The variety of golf courses and terrains that it offers is amazing. As you play golf you can also experience the beauty of the city. There are golf courses that range from 9 holes to 18 holes so t...

Phoenix Theaters

Phoenix has some of the best theaters. Great options include exciting movie theaters while others consist of stunning performance facilities. Phoenix Movies Some nights just call for a trip to the movie theater. Phoenix has some great locations. Some are the latest, state-of-the-art facilities with 3D, IMax or other fascinating features. Some are focused on a specific genre or audience like old...

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