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The desert beauty of the city of Phoenix is amazing to watch whether it is in pictures of videos of what the city has to offer. Whether you are seeing some of the museums of the place like the Phoenix Art Museum, the Heard Museum or the Center for Creative Photography there is always more that you can explore here.

Some of the great pictures are those from the downtown Phoenix art scene where you can catch various videos of plays and shows. The Phoenix parks also form a nice place for photographers and videographers as they catch beautiful sunsets, nature at its best and more. The Big Surf in Tempe, Wet 'n' Wild Phoenix in Phoenix and Golfland Sunsplash in Mesa are some of the favorites. The activity of the children playing in the waterparks is another very common clip that you are likely to see here. The amusement parks - Castles N' Coasters and Enchanted Island can also be seen here.

The most photographed and captured of all places of course is the Grand Canyon, something that you will find viewed from various angles.

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