Phoenix Major Streets and Roadways

There is an interesting history behind the streets of Phoenix. Earlier the streets were in the form of a grid. Major streets running from East to West were named after US Presidents. The presidents kept lending their names to the streets of the north and the south. The North-South streets were named after Indian tribes like Montezuma, Maricopa, Cortez and more. Some of the streets running from north to south are also named in numbers like the 7th Street and the 16th Street.

The Maricopa Freeway and the Papago Freeway are 2 main large roads of the city. There is also the red Mountain Freeway, the Hohokam Expressway and the Piestewa Freeway too.

Today there is the Broadway Road, Indian School Road, Camelback Road, Thomas Road, Mc Dowell Road Thunderbird Road and Dobbins Road that run east to west. Those that run north to south include Elliot Road, Warner Road and ray Road too.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-10 - Traverses city from W to city center to SE
  • I-17 - Branches from city center to N
  • I-8 - S of city W to E
  • 101 - Circles city center
  • 202 - Circles SE end of city
  • 60 - Branches from city center to E