Phoenix Business Information

The economy of Phoenix was based on the 5 C's initially. This comprised of Copper, Cattle, Climate, Cotton and Citrus. However, the farmlands were converted into suburbs in the last few decades. Today the economy of the city is based on seasonal tourism, recreational activities and golf too.

The city is home to about 7 Fortune 500 companies like Allied Waste, Avnet, Apollo Group and PetSmart. The aerospace division of Honeywell is also located here. The economy of the city is vibrant and there is a growing population of skilled workforce. The city has a great competitive business environment and the major markets are easy to access.

There are various programs that help small and large business to set up here. You will need to get a business permit, find a site, get a business plan, review, and understand zoning and laws. The city government site also provides a guide for newcomers to understand what is required to do business in the city.

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