Seattle Weather and Climate

Washington State is known to have some of the rainiest regions in the nation. Among the metropolitan area of Seattle-Tacoma and Bellevue, the metro area experiences an above average rain fall per year over the US average. Seattle experiences 44 inches of rain annually in comparison to the United States average of 37 inches of rain fall annually. Among cities in the United States, the average city experiences 25 inches of snow per year. Seattle experiences 10.8 inches of snow fall each year.

Residents of Seattle experience less sunny days annually as the average number of sunny days is 136 in comparison to the average 205 day within the US. Days with precipitation equal 160 days. July is the hottest month for residents in the area as they experience highs around 76 degrees. January is the coldest of the months with lows around 34 degrees. Out of state average comfort zones, Seattle-Tacoma- Bellevue has an above average comfort zone which rates 70 in comparison the average US which is 44.

The Breakdown Among The Cities Is As Follows:

Seattle: The climate in Seattle is described as a Marine or Ocenanic west coast in which residents and visitors experience mild, wet winters and dry summers.

Tacoma: Tacoma experiences mild temperatures during the summer which are roughly in the 60's with colder winters which temperatures tend to range in the 40's.

Bellevue: Bellevue also experiences mild temperatures during the summer months which range in the 60's with the warmest of august being the warmest month with temperatures into the 70's. Winters are cold with temperatures ranging in the 40's.