About Washington

Welcome to Washington! Washington is the forty-second state admitted into the Union in 1889. The state has a population of 6,7244,540 people with 60 percent of the people residing in the Seattle metropolitan area. The state has some spectacular scenery with deep rain forests in the west and mountain ranges throughout the state.

State Nickname

Just as with many state across the United State, Washington has its own nickname and is also called the "Evergreen State" and was nicknamed by pioneer C.T. Conover due to its abundant evergreen forests.

Climate Summary

The Eastern and Western regions of Washington vary with Eastern Washington having a continental climate that is characterized with cold winters, sparse rainfall and hot summers and Western Washington one of the rainiest regions in the world.

State Tax Situation

Washington is one of the few states in the United States that does not enforce state tax withholdings on wages earned. However, the state does have a 6.5% statewide sales tax.

Government Summary

As with all states in the United States, Washington has a governor. The state also follows the provisions of the Constitution and has three arms, the judiciary, the legistlature and the executive branch.

State Seal

Designed and adopted into the state in 1889, Washington's State seal is a circle with the outer ring of the circle reading "The Seal of the State of Washington 1889". In the center of the seal is a picture of President Washington.

Motto & Description

Washington's State motto is "alki" which is a Chinook Indian word and simply means By and By or Hope for the Future.

State Flag

Each state in the United States has their own State flag. In Washington State their official State flag was adopted in 1923 and is designed with the state seal in the center and a dark green background.

State Bird

The state bird of Washington is the Willow Goldfinch and is a small North American bird in the finch family. The breeding season of the bird is late July. During breeding season the male display brightly colored plumage.

State Flower

Washington State has chosen the Coast Rhododendron as their state flower. The flower is a broad leaf evergreen and found primarily near the Pacific Coast.

State Animal

Washington State adopted the Orca, a marine mammal as its state animal. Other animals of the state are the Steelhead Trout, the Green Darner Dragonfly and the Pacific Chorus Frog.

State Song And Description

The song of Washington State is "Washington, My Home". which was written by Helen Davis and arranged by Stuart Churchill.

State Colors

In each state in the United States it is a custom and tradition to have their own State colors. In Washington, the State colors are green and yellow which are the same colors of their State flag.