Seattle Gallery

Seattle has some very scenic views which make the areas an attraction. There are many historical landmarks in the metropolitan such as the Narrows Bridges. The cities have architectural heritage and some of the most fascinating areas from picturesque sidewalk cafes, to the Tacoma Dome where you can take in an event under the dome. Beautiful skylines, the Narrows Bridges, mountain caps, lakes and luscious greenery are all part of the beauty of the Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue metro.

The beauty of the cities is nature at some of its finest. Historical landmarks such as the Engine No. 9 and Firehouse 1. There are also of interest as well as different architectural styles that date through the ages. No matter what the angle you are looking at there is always a stunning view to witness. The scenery and site of the cities are from small, old time charm to tall sky scrapers as well as wonderful mountain views.