Salt Lake City Major Streets and Roadways

Salt Lake City was very well planned based on a street grid system. The system is in use in most parts of the valley. One advantage with this pattern is that it allows the major streets in the city to be laid out. The precision in laying out the streets can be seen with their north-south and east-west orientation. Using an interval of 100 between the streets, the addresses are set as coordinates. In Downtown Salt Lake City, each of the blocks has a length of about one-eighth of a mile. However, as one approaches the center of the city, one sees that the spaces between the blocks become more irregular.

With the way the streets have been laid out, it is quite easy navigate the streets, and locating an avenue or boulevards become easy. However, it is important to note that the streets outside Salt Lake City have a pattern that is slightly different.

Salt Lake City Freeways and Highways

  • The I-15 is like the backbone of the city. 
  • The 215 runs along the outskirts of the city intersection with the 1-15 twice
  • The 80 cuts from east to west through the heart of town and over to the airport

Major Salt Lake City Streets Running East and West (ordered from north to south)

  • Rose Park
  • Fairpark
  • W 100N
  • E South Temple
  • E 400 S
  • California Ave
  • 2700 S
  • 3500 S
  • 3900 S
  • 4500 S
  • 5400 S
  • 7000 S
  • 9000 S
  • 10400 S
  • 11400 S
  • Bangerter HWY

Major Salt Lake City Streets Running North and South (ordered from west to east)

  • 8400 W
  • 7200 W
  • 6000 W
  • 5600 W
  • 4800 W
  • Bangerter HWY
  • Redwood Rd
  • State Str
  • 900 E
  • 1300 E
  • 2300 E
  • Wasatch Blvd