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Salt Lake City, nicknamed the City of the Saints, home of about 8,700 residents, is a great place to live and work. Salt Lake City and its metropolitan areas are home to companies large and small that provide many jobs for local residents. A number of well-known businesses are proud to call Salt Lake City home. Many are hiring now or will in the future. Qualified job-seekers will probably have a number of job opportunities beckon. Continue reading below, and you'll see we have provided you with quite a bit of information about salaries and job opportunities in and around Salt Lake City. If you would like to know more about average salaries, what jobs pay the best or offer the best employment potential, you may find some answers here.

What do jobs pay in Salt Lake City? What kinds of jobs have the best pay?

Its only natural, when you are thinking about job opportunities or where you should live and work, to be in need of information about salaries. Having access to data about salaries is a often key factor in deciding whether relocating to Salt Lake City or switching careers would be a smart move for your future. You may want to find out the top-paying jobs here in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area are. Fortunately, this type of information is accessible to anyone with computer access through a U.S. government Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) website. Here is some information for wage data from 2008 from the BLS database. In the greater metropolitan Salt Lake City area, annual salaries are $45,777, on average, across all jobs and professions. In the greater Salt Lake City area, managers in all professions report annual earnings of $91,150. If you're not looking for a managerial position, you might consider some of these jobs, that pay extremely well, and with at least 1,000 people employed in each occupation.

Job Title Average Annual Income for Job Salary Range for Job
10th - 90th percentile
Pharmacists $98,270 $44,670 - $129,750
Civil engineers $91,490 $52,360 - $134,020
Computer programmers $88,900 $43,570 - $131,110
Computer software engineers, applications $84,850 $58,010 - $113,000
Sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing, technical and scientific products $82,770 $40,170 - $139,060

What potential is there for job growth? What career fields will have the most job openings in the next few years?

You probably have several things you'd like to know about jobs in Salt Lake City - for example, average salaries, and you also want to know there will be jobs available with promotion potential. Job growth can sometimes be forecast by learning the types or names of companies that are considered to be in growth industries by economic experts. You don't need a crystal ball, or to do a lot of research - it's easily accessible online. There is a database on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website that includes information about jobs, salaries, employment - nationally, by State, and by local area. In the greater Salt Lake City metropolitan area, here are a sample of jobs that are forecast to have the largest increase in job openings in the future:

  • Medical equipment repairers
  • Environmental engineering technicians
  • Occupational therapist assistants and aides
  • Physical therapists
  • Dental assistants
  • Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers
  • Skin care specialists
  • Market research analysts
  • Physical therapist assistants

More detailed information about employment in Salt Lake City:

If you'd like information about average wages and job growth projections for other career fields and other jobs in the area, click on the link below to go to the BLS website and the employment database:

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Need more training or want to learn about getting a degree?

Out of all the people who live in Salt Lake City, just 30.0% have a B.S. or B.A degree, while only about 11.4% hold a M.S. or M.A. degree. Job growth can sometimes be forecast by learning the types or names of companies that are considered to be in growth industries by economic experts. Affordable, flexible programs are offered by many schools to earn a degree or a professional certification, to put you in position for a promotion, or an new and better job. People of all ages are now going back to school - join them and you'll be earning more money, in a better job, in a short time. To learn more, CLICK on the link below: Utah Online Schools