Salt Lake City Business Information

When it comes to business, Salt Lake City is a very vibrant environment, and for those who are really enterprise savvy, this is the place to be. It is known that the strong entrepreneurial base of the city was laid years ago with the establishment of various steel and mining companies. Today, there is much diversification and there are various other businesses like utilities, transportation, services (especially in health care) and information technology.

ICT is a thriving business in the city and an eloquent testimony to this fact is the presence of hi-tech organizations like eBay, 3M and Unisys. Still talking business, the tourism industry has a strong base in the city and millions of dollars are also raised from the different conventions held, and the convention industry has been expanding right from when the Salt Palace Convention Center was built in the 1990s. Thus, for anyone interested in organizing trade shows and other public events, Salt Lake City is an excellent choice.

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