Salt Lake City Gallery

From whatever angle you see the Salt Lake City, you will always see a settlement full of dazzling grandeur and spectacular scenes. The city is home to architectural masterpieces and some of the most impressive building in the United States. These include the Salt Lake Temple, Place Heritage Park, Union Pacific Depot, Temple Square and the main library of the city. In addition to these places, there are various cathedrals, parks, sporting facilities such as stadiums.

For many tourists and visitor arriving in the city one thing that they are always amazed at is the sheer beauty of the architectural styles of many of the city's buildings. Even the residents are always baffled with the sophisticated designs of places like the Salt Lake Temple and the Utah State Capitol Building. However, when one looks at it from another angle, one sees that these are the buildings and features that make Salt Lake City what it is today. In short, the scenery and sights of the city are its integral parts.