About Utah

Welcome to Utah! The Beehive State. Admitted into the Union on the 4th of January, 1896, Utah is one of the most remarkable states in the United States. The capital is Salt Lake City, a city that is renowned all over the globe for its unique history. The name 'Utah' means 'People of the Mountains', in the language of the indigenous Ute people.

State Nickname

As is the practice in many states of the United States, Utah has its own nickname as it is also called the Beehive State. The name is said to have originated from the name of the Book of Mormon, which can be translated as 'honeybee'.

Climate Summary

A large part of the state falls under an arid climate, and its mountainous areas have a significant effect on the climate of the state. In spite of this, the state experiences monsoon during the summer and this is originates from the Pacific Ocean. On some few days, there are thunderstorms and flash floods.

State Tax Situation

The state enforces the collection of personal income. As a matter of fact, since the late 2000s, there has been a flat 5% for all taxpayers. The various counties and cities also collect local sales taxes although there are differences from locality to locality. Interestingly, the state does not enforce an inheritance tax on the citizens.

Government Summary

Based on the provisions of the Constitution, the state has three arms and these are the executive, legislature and the judiciary. There is a governor for the state and a tenure lasts for four years.

State Seal

Adopted in 1896, the Great Seal of the State of Utah is a beauty to behold. It has an American eagle, shield, beehive and dates that showed when the state was established and when the pioneers settled in the state.

Motto & Description

The motto of the state of Utah is 'Industry' and it is shown on the Great Seal of the State of Utah. The motto depicts the dedication to hard work, resilience and diligence of the people of the state.

State Flag

As with the other 49 states of the United States, the state of Utah has its own flag. It was adopted in the year 1913 and it has a seal of the state in the center, which is encircled in a band of gold. The background is dark navy blue.

State Bird

The state bird of Utah is the Californian Gull (Larus californicus). The bird, which lays to-3 eggs, is also migratory in nature and is found moving mainly to the Pacific Coast during winter season.

State Flower

The people of Utah have chosen the Sego Lily (Calochortus nuttallii). An interesting fact with this flower is that it is used as food by the Mormon pioneers in the state.

State Animal

The state animal chosen by the citizens of Utah is the Rocky Mountain Elk. The animal is a large deer with a yellowish-brown rump. The animal is found in groups and can number up to 20 or more.

State Song And Description

The song of the state is titled 'Utah...This is the Place'. The music was composed by Gary Francis and the wording has been done by Sam Francis and Gary Francis.

State Colors

The state of Utah is associated with two colors, and these are black and yellow. This is more of the custom and tradition with all the states of the American nation.