Memphis Weather and Climate

With its pleasant climate all year round, Memphis city is a right place to plan a family vacation. The city has humid subtropical climate and encounters all four seasons distinctly throughout the year. The Great Plains and Gulf of Mexico contribute the winter weather to Memphis, resulting in enormous swings in weather activity. Hot and humid summers are dedicated to Memphis by the Gulf countries and the hot and dry summers come from the Texas region. July is the middle month and it experiences high humidity due to the moisture presence. In July, the high and low temperatures are recorded as 92.1 degrees F (33.4 C) and 72.9 degrees F (22.7 C) respectively.

During the summer season, the city encounters thunderstorms in the afternoon and early evenings. The early months of autumn witness pleasant climate with mild hotness until around end of October. Autumn season winds up with slight drizzles and pretty heavy rains. The winter season starts with mild coldness, with a maximum temperature recording of 48.6 degree F and a minimum of 31.3 degree F.

The city has expectable climate with few sudden storms or floods. Snow fall starts in the winter, with a snow fall recording of 4.6 inches. Only when ice storms occur, the city happens to face massive dangers such as trees falling pulling down the power lines and bigger storms damaging the city.

The annual precipitation occurs all through the year, however in particular, the complete dryness can be witnessed only during August to October. These months are completely dry, and precipitation goes to its high in March to May and November and December. All these facts favor the city of Memphis and attracts thousands of visitors across the world, throughout the year.