Memphis Major Streets and Roadways

Transportation is one of the biggest advantage and comfortable experience one can enjoy in the city of Memphis. The growth and development of a city can be traced with its infrastructural development, which includes highways, roadways, airports, river ports and bridges. The city also has so many major streets and roads which are always busy due to commutation of thousands and thousands of people, everyday.

The city is well planned and organized, so that the streets and roads are far easy to trace as well to commute. Navigation is fairly simple in Memphis, as nearly any route you take will lead to the main highway of the city. If you are in Memphis, you can see so many streets, starting from Sam Cooper to Bill Morris.

The main highway in the Memphis area is TN 385. It connects the entire main city and the suburbs of Memphis. The highways have four individual lanes and all the lanes are wide enough for all vehicles to commute. The Winchester road is one of the busiest roads and it has 6 lanes wide, and additionally, there are two auxiliary lanes, one on the Winchester road and the other facing the Riverdale road. The Riverdale is situated between the Winchester road and the Hacks Cross.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-55 - Traverses SW corner of city from NW to S
  • I-40 - Traverses city from W to city center to NE
  • I-240 - Circles city center
  • I-69 - Branches from city center to S
  • I-269 - Branches NW from I-40 on NE end of town