About Tennessee

The US state of Tennessee is located in the southeast direction of the country and holds the pride of being the 17th largely populated state with a total population of 6,346,105. The north side of the state is Kentucky and Virginia, on the east is the North Carolina, south is bordered by Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia and on the west is the Missouri and Arkansas. The capital city of the state is Nashville, however Memphis is largest city in terms of area and population. Similar to other US states, English is the official language of this state too.

State Nickname

It is very common in practice that all states of US have nick names, and they are named according to the exclusive nature of every state. In such terms, the nick name of Tennessee is The Volunteer State, which is named after the willingness and gratitude of the people.

Climate Summary

Most cities of the US state of Tennessee witnesses humid subtropical climate, however the higher elevation in the Appalachians remain as an exception for the usual climate range of the state. Winter storms are the main climatic trouble of the state, which is likely to occur every year.

State Tax Situation

The income tax of the state of Tennessee gets its major contribution from stocks and trades, but not much from the monthly salaries and daily wages of the people. Amount that is being transacted through stocks and bonds are highly taxable. The sales tax is generally 7% for all common goods.

Government Summary

Governor is the top ruling post of the state and he/she holds the seat for four years per term. According to the rule, same person can be in power only for two consecutive terms. The governor is elected by nominating by all people throughout the state.

State Seal

Every state of US has a representing state seal to it. The State Seal of Tennessee bears the words "The Great Seal of The State of Tennessee, 1796". The seal represents agriculture and commerce in its images.

Motto & Description

A Motto is the theme or notion that the city or state follows or believes to be its strength. The motto of Tennessee is Agriculture and Commerce. These two are the main form of resource for the state and it draws the maximum revenue for the state.

State Flag

Tennessee state flag is designed with full red carpet-like image and on the center of it, is a blue circular field, with three stars. The state adopted the flag on 17th April, 1905. The flag was prestigiously hoisted on air for the first time on 10th October, 1911.

State Bird

Northern Mockingbird is the state bird of Tennessee, which holds the pride of being the one and only mocking bird in North America. The bird is so special for its quality of best imitating other birds and animals in its own way.

State Flower

Every state has a flower that represents the state. The state flower of Tennessee is the Passion Flowers, otherwise called as the Passion Vines. This flower belongs to the Passifloraceae family.

State Animal

Racoon is the state wild animal of Tennessee. It is a medium sized North American mammal. It is the largest variety in its family, Procyonid. They are found to be present in mixed forests.

State Song And Description

The state song of Tennessee state was versed by Vivian Rorie and it reads "I do not know of another state ...". This song became the official state song of Tennessee during 1992.

State Colors

The stat colors of Tennessee comprises of blue, white and red. White stands for purity, when blue symbolizes love and red showcases the earlier time of war and peace. The state people proudly call themselves as true-blooded Americans.