Memphis Business Information

The city of Memphis uses its geographical location along the banks of the Mississippi River as one of the main means of generating revenue. This location along with the several intersecting roadways, railways and highways, makes Memphis and ideal place for bulk movement industries like shipping and transportation. Memphis has the world's busies cargo airport. This city is the home to many of the internationally reputed cargo and delivery services (FedEx).

The city of Memphis is also well known for various other businesses mainly tourism, healthcare namely: Memphis Medical Center, Baptist Memorial Hospital and Methodist Healthcare. Memphis is also known for its hotel (Hilton Worldwide) and film industry. It is home to many entertainment production houses and movies (Jerry Lee Lewis). It is the home to various genres of music like Blues, Rock 'N' Roll, Gospel, etc. Legends Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash were from this place. The city has contributed to literature with famous personalities like Shelby Foote (Historian, American Civil War) and renowned fiction author John Grisham.

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