Memphis Communities

The city of Memphis is located in the state of Tennessee in southwest USA. It is the 19th largest city in the country. Memphis is famous for its musical history and BBQ pork. The cosmopolitan nature of the city makes it possible for people of various descent and religions to co-exist peacefully.

There are certain things which are unique to Memphis. Neighborhoods which are radically different from each other interlock in the city. One can find many large parks scattered throughout the city, Overton Park in Midtown being one of the most notable ones. The city is considered the transportation hub. The Mud Island Monorail in Downtown Memphis is a suspended monorail system. The "Memphis Aquifer" is one of the four natural aquifers which are found in Shelby County. The cultural heritage of Memphis is promoted by the month long event of Memphis in May. People from the other cities of US also come down to Memphis in order to be a part of this huge celebration. The education system of the city is looked after by the Memphis City Schools which houses over 200 elementary, middle and high schools.

Memphis Communities

Memphis Suburban Living

Many people prefer to escape the energy of city life to reside in suburban life. Memphis offers some great suburban options. Communities Memphis suburban communities are designed for many needs. Some neighborhoods are close to city features. Others are a significant distance away, creating distance from the city buzz. Neighborhood features vary. Some communities consist of high density housing,...

Memphis Housing Types

Memphis has many different community options to choose from. The types of residences vary as well from neighborhood to neighborhood. Some communities are built for family living while others are built for singles and/or couples. Memphis has a home style for any resident. Single Family Homes Many Memphis communities are designed for single family living. Some homes are single-story and built for...

Memphis Urban Communities

Some of Memphis's residents thrive in the vibrance of city life. Many choose to reside close to work and other city featues. They find it exciting to hang with others who enjoy the city. Communities Memphis urban communities are lively. Some neighborhoods are connected to the city's best features. Some communities offer a great lifestyle and opportunity to connect with others. Apartment...

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