Buffalo Major Streets and Roadways

Buffalo, NY has some of the largest highways passing through the city. The New York State Thruway, Interstate 90, Interstate 990 and US Route 62 all pass through the city limits. The Scajaquada Expressway and the Kensington Expressway also pass through the city.

The Niagara Section of the New York State Thruway passes from I-90 to the Niagara River in Lewiston. There is only a small part of the route that is tolled. This bridges the Grand Island to the Niagara Falls and Buffalo. Interstate 290, also called the Youngmann Memorial Highway links Buffalo to the northern suburbs of Tonawanda and Amherst. It also provides a route to the Falls that allows tourists to go to the city directly without passing through the city.

Some of the streets that run north to south include Elm Street, Pearl Street, Ellicott Street, Oak Street, Main Street and Carroll Street. The ones that run from east to west include Church Street, Huron Street, William Street, Niagara Street, Tupper Street, Edward Street and more. The JfK Recreation Center can be accessed from William Street. There is also the Intercity rail transport opion from the 2 stations in the city.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-90 - From S along SE of the city then straight E
  • I-190 - Around SW edge of city
  • I-290 - Around NE side of city
  • I-990 - Branches from I-290 to to NE
  • Queen Elizabeth Hwy - Branches from center to NW