Buffalo Business Information

Located on the eastern shores of Lake Erie, Buffalo NY is the second most populous city in the state of New York. What started as a small trading community near the Buffalo Creek in late 18th century, became the largest grain milling center and eighth largest city in the United States by 1900. Presently, health care and education are the largest economic sectors of the city.

Business in Buffalo NY continues to grow even in the face of reverses experienced by national and world economies. Growth in these two sectors has largely been the result of the recent expansions in the University of Buffalo and Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

The city has a booming retail sector the growth of which can be attributed to the demand from Canadian shoppers who prefer to shop here because of the price advantage. Proximity to Niagara Falls makes the city a popular destination for vacationers.

Some businesses require specific New York state permits. The county clerk's office extends all possible help and has prepared a 'Business Brochure' to assist people desirous of starting a new business in the city.

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