Atlanta Weather and Climate

The climate in Atlanta is desirable to many residents and visitors. Many enjoy particularily mild winters. Some residents will come to stay in Atlanta during the winter months, to escape the harsh winters that occur in other parts of the country. Retired individuals and those who can afford to go back and forth are seen among this "snowbird" crowd.



Atlanta has a humid subtropical climate. When a place has this type of climate, it normally has summers that are hot and humid, making for perfect swimming weather, and winters that are mild in nature. Atlanta's mild winters minimize the snowfall and it is very rare that snow ever falls although it's not unheard of for there to be an occasional snow fall.

During the winter, the temperatures average to about 42 degrees F. During the summer, temperatures average about 90, though, the temperatures will occasionally go over 100 degrees F. 100 degree days are not uncommon.

Atlanta is a city that receives a lot of rainfall. During the summer season the rainfall is significant. During the spring and the fall months, however, the city is drier. Though rain does fall a lot during the summer, there are still a number of sunny days that can be used for entertainment and enjoyment, enabling individuals to engage in fun filled activities like swimming, sun bathing, and picnicking.

Tornados and blizzards are very rare; however, they can occur. When they do occur, they can cause considerable damage. The key is to be prepared and insured.

Many people find Atlanta to be an appealing place to live. The climate is a large factor that makes it so inviting. Individuals who are not too much into cold weather will do well to live in the City of Atlanta.