Atlanta, Georgia

Whether you are looking for a great community for a visit or for relocation, Atlanta is the place to be. With its nice Southern hospitality, entertainment, and wonderful sites, there is always something exciting or intriguing in the city of Atlanta.

Atlanta is known for its Southern hospitality. There are a number of restaurants that offer outstanding Southern cooking and friendly people to talk to. If you go into any of these restaurants, you will always receive a personal touch, which is not likely to be found in most cities.

Entertainment is also something else that you are sure to find in Atlanta. There are a number of places where you are sure to watch some fabulous shows and concerts, and you can go to some outstanding, historical theaters. Finally, there are some very intriguing sites to visit. Atlanta is full of museums, parks, and other historical locations that will keep one captivated for hours, days, or even weeks.

If you are looking for a city to travel to or live in where the people are friendly, the crime rate is low, and life is convenient and enjoyable, Atlanta is just the place. Atlanta is full of community resources, great stores, outstanding restaurants, public transportation, and fine entertainment. Welcome to Atlanta.

Atlanta History

The city of Atlanta has an intriguing history. Many of the historical sites still exist and allow visitors to get to know what the city was like long ago. A brief account of Atlanta's history is as follows:

Before Atlanta and its outer lying suburbs were established, the land belonged solely to the Creek and Cherokee people. Around the time of the War of 1812, Atlanta and the communities around it became established. In the year of 1828, Owl Rock Methodist Church was built. Ten years later, a man by the name of Henry Irby established a grocery store and a tavern, and the paths that led up to those places are now known today as Paces Ferry Road and Roswell Road. Two years after Irby's establishment was set up, the head of a buck was placed upon a pole. This area was then given the name Buck's Head, and then the name was later changed to buckhead.

In the year of 1842, the area now known as Atlanta had only six buildings and thirty homes. After a two story high depot building was built, the residents living there wanted the area to be named Lumpkin, after William Lumpkin, the governor of Georgia during that time. The Georgia governor stated that he wanted to have the area named after his daughter instead. The residents agreed, and the area was called Marthasville.

Three years later, a chief engineer working on the Georgia railroad stated that the town should be called Atlantica-Pacifica. A short time after, the name of the city was shortened to Atlanta and remains as such today. In 1847, the city of Atlanta was incorporated. The population grew tremendously causing significant city growth.

During the Civil War, the city served as a major supply location for the Confederate armies. However, as the Confederates were pushed back Atlanta was destroyed. Union soldiers made advances and in an attempt to cripple key supply lines they set the community ablaze and burned nearly everything in the city, except for the churches and hospitals. After the Civil War, the city was rebuilt. The reconstruction was completed in 1887.

Since that time, Atlanta has progressed into becoming one of the nation's more progressive and culturally rich cities. Today, Atlanta is known for its diversity and excitement. Atlanta is a city that has a high population of young people between the ages of eighteen to twenty-five that come from all over to experience what all of the cultures in the area have to offer.

About Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is a great place to travel to or live in for a variety of reasons. In Atlanta, individuals can count on enjoying rich Southern hospitality, outstanding entertainment, cultural diversity, and intriguing history.

Atlanta will enable you to enjoy rich Southern hospitality. While in this city, you will get to experience the warmth of Southern living, as people will be polite to you and will be very welcoming. You will also get to enjoy some nice and tasty Southern cooking. Some examples of good food that you will get to eat while in Atlanta are hot grits, biscuits and sausage gravy, and pulled pork, just to name some of many that you will get to enjoy. While in these Southern restaurants, you will also receive good, personal treatment. You will not feel like you are being pushed along, like you do when you are eating at restaurants in most major cities around the country.

Atlanta is also a place that is known for providing outstanding entertainment. You will get to visit a number of nice clubs, bars, and theaters. You will also get to see some outstanding concerts. The country and blue grass concerts are the most outstanding.

Along with the rich entertainment and Southern hospitality, Atlanta is fabulous for enjoying outstanding cultural diversity. In this city, you will be able to experience different ways of living as you run into individuals from all sorts of cultural backgrounds. People from all different cultures coexist fine with one another, and they also take time to learn from one another. there are also organizations that are established in this city that cater to these cultural groups, such as colleges and special interest schools that serve the children in these cultural groups. No matter what culture that you belong to, you will find there there will be something for you because in Atlanta, there is something for everyone in this vast city.

There are also some excellent schools in this city for individuals of all ages. There are outstanding private schools that are made to serve the children belonging to various special interest groups. There are also a number of excellent institutions for higher learning.

The city of Atlanta offers a great deal of historical sites that will cause you to be intrigued for days or even weeks. Atlanta is full of some of the most awesome museums in the nation, as well as historical buildings and cemeteries. When looking at this historical site, you will want to bring a camera along, so you will be able to capture the details.

In the city of Atlanta, there is no limit to what you will be able to experience. This city is full of exciting surprises.

About Fulton County, Georgia

The county that Atlanta belongs to is Fulton County, in the state of Georgia. Fulton County was established in 1853, and it was the 144th county to be established in the state of Georgia.

Fulton was named after a man, Robert Fulton. He built the Clermont, a boat that forever changed river travel, and it also played a major role in the establishment of the South. Atlanta is the county seat of this county, and it is where all of the action is. Atlanta is also the capital of Georgia.

In 1842, Atlanta was named Terminus. Shortly after, the name was changed to Marthasville in order to honor the daughter of Governor Lumpkin, who was the governor of Georgia during that time. Three years later, the name of the city was then changed to Atlanta at the direction of a chief engineer working on Georgia's railroads.

The county is 528.7 square miles in size and it consists of a population of approximately 816,000 people. While the county is made up of a number of towns and cities, there is also a lot of rural life to be enjoyed, as there are several wooded areas. Individuals who wish to move to this county can be sure that they will receive the best of both worlds. If individuals are into city life, they will be able to move to Atlanta or any of the surrounding cities and enjoy everything that city living has to offer, such as the busy and bustling lifestyle, countless restaurants and shops, bars and clubs, tons of entertainment, and outstanding modern conveniences.

For individuals who want to enjoy rural living, there are a number of small towns and other rural communities that are situated within this county that will offer that kind of lifestyle. Fulton County is clean, and the people are friendly.