Atlanta Major Streets and Roadways

Many cities have a grid layout for their streets and roadways. However, this is not the case for Atlanta. It has a different layout than most cities. Some say that the street layout is a bit confusing.

The way the streets are laid out in Atlanta is that they are like paths that are going through woods, yet they are paved. Tons of trees line these streets, which will make you feel like you are walking through the woods rather than walking through a large city. Atlanta is a hilly city, making these streets wind down valleys and ridges. The fact that these streets wind down the valleys and ridges creates a large number of neighborhoods that are situated in cul-de-sacs.

The streets of Atlanta do not have any sort of pattern at all. The streets are laid out in every which direction.

There are three interstates that intersect one another in the down town part of Atlanta. These are major interstates, and they receive a high amount of traffic. If you should need to travel along any of these interstates, plan carefully. You may need to leave a little bit earlier, so you can arrive to your destination on time.

There are a number of railroad tracks that also go through the city. Some of these railroad tracks criss cross the interstates. These railroad tracks also cross one another in other parts of the city.

Trying to learn the street layout in Atlanta might seem overwhelming at first; however, most pick it up in time. You may want to make use of maps, as they will provide you a clear picture of the city, enabling you to find your way around a lot better.

Major Freeways, Highways and Streets

  • I-285 - Surrounds the city
  • I-75 - Crossed through town from NW to SE
  • I-20 - Crosses through town from W to E
  • I-85 - Crosses through town from SW to NE
  • I-675 - Connects I-285 to I-75
  • Stone Mountain Highway - Branches off of I-285 into NE
  • 400 - Branches from center of city to N