Georgia was the fourth state in the USA to be established. It was part of the thirteen original colonies.

State Nickname

The nickname of this state is Empire State of the South or the Peach State.

Climate Summary

The climate in the state of Georgia is that of a humid subtropical climate. Summers are hot and winters are mild.

State Tax Situation

Income taxes are collected in the state of Atlanta.

Government Summary

Governors and lieutenant governors are elected on a four year term basis. Most state officials are elected by citizens, and not selected by other elected representatives. Georgia strictly separates legislative, judiciary and executive functions.

State Seal

The state seal consists of Georgia's coat of arms. The seal contains an arch with three pillars, and the pillars are being protected by a soldier, demonstrating that the Constitution should be protected. The pillars are a representation of the three branches of government in the United States.

Motto & Description

The motto for this state is "Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation."

State Flag

Before the year of 2001, the flag of Georgia largely centered around the Confederate flag. The flag was a reminder of slavery that pained many of Georgia's residents. The flag was then changed to compromise with those who wanted the Confederate flag and those who did not. There is a small Confederate flag in the corner of this flag, along with thirteen stars to represent the thirteen original colonies. The flag also contains the flag is also that if a deep blue that contains the state seal right in the center. Near the state seal are three pillars that symbolize the three branches of our government.

State Bird

The bird of this state is the Brown Thrasher.

State Flower

The flower of this state is the Cherokee rose. And the wild flower of this state is the Azalea.

State Animal

The water mammal of this state is the Right whale, and the state possum is the Pogo Possum.

State Song And Description

The song for the state of Georgia is called, "Georgia on My Mind."

State Colors

The Colors Are Red, White, And Blue.