Jacksonville Weather and Climate

The city of Jacksonville enjoys a year round sunny climate and with mild summers and modest humidity. The weather can be best defined as all that Miami has to offer but without the heat and frequent rains. Jacksonville is an all year round tourist destination and a delight to permanently live because of the mild winters and sunny summers. The weather is perfect for people who want to just get tanned or get their supply of vitamin D.

Jacksonville according to Koppen climate classification has a humid subtropical climate. The summers accompany hot temperatures, while the winters are mild. The summer season can bring with it thunderstorms, a common summer afternoon visual in Jacksonville. The land rapidly heated in summer combined with excess humidity, leading to excess evaporation and eventually rain.

The winter season is short and mild, accompanied sometimes with hard freezes in the night. The cold weather is extremely short lived since the city averages only about 10 to 15 nights that have temperatures below the freezing point. Snow is much rarer in Jacksonville than low temperatures. Most of the time the snow melts upon impact with the ground; hence it is not possible for you to see the snow. The city witnesses rains of 52 inches, mostly in the months of June and August.

The average temperature in the summer months of June, July and August with the average temperature being around 90 degrees. The average low for summer is around 72 degrees. In winters the minimum average is noticed between the months of Nov to February when the temperature touches 41 degree, mostly during night time.