Jacksonville Business Information

The location of Jacksonville on the shores of Atlantic Ocean and the St. Johns River has contributed greatly for the growth of the city and its industries. Jacksonville is an important transportation and distribution hub in Florida because of its international shipping port. Jacksonville has a diversified economy which is not dependent on one particular sector. Financial services, distribution, biomedical technology, manufacturing, insurance, consumer goods and industries are the major sectors driving the economy in the region. Jacksonville is ranked as the third most favored city in the United States for relocation and the tenth fastest growing city in the county as a destination for establishing a businesses.

There are various well known, prominent corporations and organizations located in the city which include Fortune 500 companies like CSX Corporation, Fidelity National Financial and Winn Dixie Stores. The city ports also exports various commodities like lumber, paper, cigars and wood pulp while importing automobiles and coffee. The city has abundant source of talent and resources along with good city infrastructure that attracts companies from all over Untied States.

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