Jacksonville Major Streets and Roadways

Being one of the largest continental cities in United States, Jacksonville can be a little difficult for new visitors to trek. The city is divided into the several major sections such as Arlington, Urban Core, Beaches, Southwest, Northside, Southeast and Northwest. These sections help in locating neighborhoods and also for municipality purposes for maintenance. The city streets are divided in grid pattern like many other cities in Untied States, making it slightly easy to navigate in the city.

The east-west streets are given numbers for identification along with the east and west identification. The east and west streets are differentiated by the Interstate 95 highway that passes through the city. However, many streets instead of numbers are also given names that make locating the street a little troublesome.

The north-south streets are classified into avenues with different names. The avenues are planned such that after every two to three small streets, a main avenue is placed. This makes navigation a little easier.

Some of the Major streets in Jacksonville are the Union St, Riverside Avenue, Myrtle Avenue, Martin Luterh King Jr Pkwy, Liberty St., Buckman St., Buffalo Ave, etc.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-10 - Branches from city center to W
  • I-95 - Traverses city from N to S
  • I-295 - Circles city