Jacksonville Real Estate

The Real Estate market of Florida has turned out to be one of the most attractive investment opportunities. The real estate market of Jacksonville has stood out as one of the best cities to offer good returns on investments. The rise in job opportunities in Jacksonville is attracting real estate investors. It is projected that in the next couple of years thousands of jobs will be created in the shipping sector, leading to increase in demand for houses for rental and other businesses.

The city of Jacksonville is home to more than 20 colleges and a large military base that attracts thousands of people to this city, making real estate a prized possession in Jacksonville. The city has some of the best schools which also include one of the top ten schools in U.S. There are good options for higher education schools in the city, giving enough reason for large families to make Jacksonville their permanent home. The city is occasionally ranked on the top ten best places to live in United States, proving that indeed the city ranks highly among harsh critics.

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The city of Jacksonville has the largest Urban Park system in U.S. which brings lush greenery to the city center. However the rents in Jacksonville are easily affordable by tenants, which usually follow a "1% Rule" where the rent of a residential property is just one percent of the market value of the property. The city layout is spacious and every neighborhood in the city benefits from either the river or the ocean in one or another way. The city has ample land space with more than 841 sq kilometers of land space available for buyers. One can find affordable apartment houses as well as luxury condominiums and beach houses in Jacksonville at various prices. Real Estate agents are very helpful in locating the kind of home that you are looking for and can also find great deals.