Birmingham Weather and Climate

The weather of Birmingham is mostly considered to be moderate with the average annual temperatures hovering around 62 degrees. Apart from the few moderately cold months of winter, the rest of the year is a great time to visit the city. Tourists often prefer to visit her in the months of March, April and May during the spring season. The fall season is also a pleasant time to visit the city that is has innumerable entertainment options.



The climate of the city of Birmingham is classified as a humid subtropical climate according to Koppen Climate classification. The summers are hot along with abundant rainfall and followed by very mild winters. Although rain is well distributed throughout the year, there is more rainfall in the summer season, which tends to bring down the temperatures.

Birmingham weather events are separated from the rest of the state of Alabama because of the location of the city on the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The fall season is the best season with pleasant weather and little chance of storms or rainfall. The city is often filled with tourists and weekend revelers in fall.

The average peak temperatures in the month of summer are close to 90 degrees, with lows of 70 degrees. In winter the max average temperatures touch 50 degrees and lows that are just under the freezing point. Temperatures as low as 50 degrees are experienced only on 55 nights per year. The highest summer temperature has reached 100 degrees.