Alabama is located in the southeastern side of United States with Montgomery as the capital. The state ranks second in terms of the inland waterways and 30th in terms ofland area. The state ranks 23rd in terms of the population with close to 5 million residents. The state which was mainly dependent on agriculture in the past has turned to diversified industries such as mining, healthcare, telecommunications and financial to attain growth in the twenty first century. The state bordering Alabama are Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee. Tourist is brings more than 100,000 visitors each year to the state.

State Nickname

Since the end of the civil war, the state of Alabama has been known as the "Yellowhammer State". The state obtained the nickname from the Alabama troops who were referred to as Yellowhammer troops who fought in the Civil War. The state is also known by the unofficial nickname "Heart of Dixie".

Climate Summary

The climate of the state is classified as being humid subtropical according to the Koppen Climate Classification. The state is cooler in the northern parts where the land is dotted by mountains, in the southern parts close to the Gulf Coast a warmer climate is noted that is similar to the climate in Florida.

State Tax Situation

A 2, to 5 percent personal income tax is compulsory for everyone in Alabama, depending on the filing status. The Federal Income Tax is not allowed to be deducted from the state tax, although the Medicare and Social Security taxes can be deducted. Sales tax is set at around 4 percent. The threshold of paying taxes in Alabama is the lowest of any state in United States.

Government Summary

The State of Alabama is founded based on the Alabama Constitution, a document ratified in 1901. The Alabama Constitution is among the longest constitutions in the world with more ahn 800 amendments and almost 300,000 words. The government of Alabama is divided into three equal branches of Alabama Legislature, Alabama Senate and Alabama House of Representatives.

State Seal

The state seal of Alabama was designed in 1817 by the very first governor of Alabama territory. The seal represents the map of Alabama in golden color along with the major rivers if the state. Neighboring states of Alabama are also represented in the seal in green and red colors. The seal was replaced with another seal in 1868; however it was replaced again in 1939 as the official seal.

Motto & Description

The official motto of the state of Alabama is "Audemus Jura Nostra Defendere", which in Latin means "We Dare Maintain Our Rights". The motto was adopted after the end of the Civil war in 1868. The earlier used motto of the State was "Here We Rest". This motto was used on the now replaced state seal that was used between 1968 and 1918.

State Flag

The State Flag of Alabama Represents the crimson colored cross of St. Andrew on a white background. The Flag was patterned after the Flag of the Confederate Battle Flag and was officially adopted by the Alabama Legislature in 1895.

State Bird

The state bird of Alabama is the Yellohammer, a wood pecker. Alabama is the only state in United State with a woodpecker as its State bird. The Yellowhammer was adopted in 1927 as the official state bird of Alabama. It is found in the southeastern parts of United States.

State Flower

The state Flower of Alabama is Camellia, after a House Bill of 1959. The flower by a representative T.E. Martin in 1927 to be named as the official flower of the State of Alabama. The flower is found on the banks of rivers and creeks in Alabama and other regions around it.

State Animal

The state of Alabama has the Racking Horse as its official state horse and the Black Bear as the official state mammal. The Black Bear was officially selected in 1996 as the state mammal.

State Song And Description

The state song of Alabama is the song "Alabama" written by Julia S. Tutwiler and composed by Edna GockelGussen. The song was officially adopted in 1931 as the State song. The song describes the contributions of the people of Alabama to the state.

State Colors

The state colors of Alabama are Red and White. The two colors are also found on the state fag, with the cross represented in red or crimson on a white background.