Birmingham Schools

Birmingham has a well defined school system that rivals other school systems in the county for quality. The city of Birmingham has its own Birmingham City School System. The county in which Birmingham is situated has the Jefferson School Board that has jurisdiction over all other schools in the county except that of Birmingham.

The Birmingham School system was formed in the 1980s. The School system has more than 57 schools, which includes 29 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, seven K-8 schools, seven high schools, and one alternative school. The city wide school system in the fourth largest school system in Alabama and has more than 28,000 students. The schools system has more than 3,300 permanent employees.

Some of the top public schools in Birmingham are Avondale Elementary School, Booker T. Washinton K-8 School, Center Street Elementary School, Charles Elementary Schools, etc. There are many excellent private schools such as the Higdon Hill School, East BihamCogic Christian Academy, Cleveland Ave Christ, Academy, Central Park Christian Schools, Mountain View Baptist School, etc. The city also has a few private schools that offer quality education for children whose parents want something other than public schools for their children.

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