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The city of Birmingham, Alabama is situated in the beautiful and scenic Jones Valley. The city is flanked by two mountain ranges that run parallel to each other. The entire valley is drained by small water streams that flow into the Black Warrior River. The city lies immediately south of Red Mountain. It is surrounded by numerous beautiful locations that add to the beauty of the city that has been planned keeping the historic industrial city of Birmingham England in mind.

The Birmingham community gives the image of an oasis in the desert, with a sparkling city in the center of a lush green nature. It is brimming with numerous tourist attractions that add to the charm of the city that was once the industrial capital of the southern United States, also known as the Philadelphia of the south. The city is abundant in natural reserves and parks that are frequented by the friendly locals and visitors alike. There are numerous historical landmarks and museums in Birmingham that are required to be visited by everyone who comes to this city.

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