Houston, Texas

The Houston area is definitely a wonderful place to live, no matter what your lifestyle. The city features some of the best ammenities in the US for all age groups and has many communities that have been titled "the best of" - whether it is the best place to live, the best place to raise children or the best place to start a business.

Houston household income and family household income are higher than many places in the US making it truly an area of opportunity. The area has attracted many blue collar workers and professionals as there is great opportunity in employment and entreprenuership.

No matter what your interests, there is definitely something in the metropolitan area that will interest you. The area has some of the most outstanding museums and galleries, sky rise buildings that offer loft and condo living as well.

When it comes to sports and recreation, there is never a dull moment in the metropolis with many major sports teams and wonderful indoor and outdoor activities, shopping and cuisine.

When it comes to modern or traditional type lifestyles, there is no better place than Houston. The city is abundant in scenery and both simple and sophisticated ways of life. Anything can be done or achieved in the area making it a wonderful place to visit or call home. Welcome to Houston!

Houston History

Located along the Gulf Coast region in the US state of Texas is Houston which is a metropolitan area comprised of 10- counties. The area is also referred to as "Greater Houston" as Houston is the center of the metropolis and the largest city in the metropolis and the largest economic and cultural center of the South Central United States. Houston houses the majority of the people within the metropolis with a population of 2.3 million people. The total population of the metropolitan area is 6.1 million people.

Within the US, Houston is among the fastest growing metropolises. Experts are predicting that from the years of 2000 to 2030 the population in metropolis will increase by 2.66 million people.

Houston was founded by two brothers, John Kirby Allen and Augustus, during August of 1836. On June 5, 1837, the city was incorporated. Because of Houston's railroad industry and burgeoning port and the oil discovery in 1901, the city's population grew. Texas Medical Center was established during the mid-20th century, which is the world's largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions. Also constructed in the mid-twentieth century was the NASA's Johnson Space Center.

Houston is considered to be a global city which is defined as a "specialized City" which is deemed to be an important node point in the global economic system. The metropolis' economy has a broad industrial base in transportation, aeronautics, manufacturing and energy. The global city is also a leader in building oil field equipment and the health care sectors.

The metropolis has a mixed population from various religious and ethnic backgrounds and is a large and constantly growing international community.

Annually millions of visitors visit the metropolis with its many attractions such as cultural institutions in the Houston Museum District, which attracts over seven million visitors annually.

Sugar Land, which is located within the metropolis, is considered to be one of the most affluent cities in Texas State and one of Texas' fastest growing cities. During the early mid-twentieth century, the city was founded as a sugar plantation and in 1959 it was incorporated. Imperial Sugar is headquartered in Sugar Land as well as other major businesses that are headquartered in the metropolis such as Western Airways and a major manufacturing facility for Nalco Chemical Company. Sugar Land is a well designed city and of cities among the US, it has the most master planned communities.

The metropolitan area has always been one of the nation's leaders and as the metropolis continues to move into the future, it is expected that it will continue to keep grow stronger.

About Houston, Texas

The Houston area is a thriving metropolitan area that is home to 5,946,8000 people and the sixth largest city in the US. The majority of the area's population is centered in Houston city which in itself has a population of 2.3 million people and considered to be one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the US. Much of the metropolitan area was built on lands such as forested, prairie, swamp and marshes which are still present in some areas of the metropolis. For all age groups and all walks of life, the area is very attractive and daily new residents and businesses move to the metropolis.

The community is currently experiencing rapid growth in manufacturing, health services and engineering services which is bringing both young and seasoned professionals to the metropolis daily. The center of the area's economic activity is Houston and is second in lead in headquarters according to Fortune 500 with first going to New York City.

The strong economy within the metropolis is also due to their success as a petrochemical complex and being a leading center of the energy industry.

The city draws visitors annually as they visit for many different reasons including sports events, exhibitions, sights, and business. The metropolis is amazing with outstanding architect, schools, tourist attractions, recreation and activities. The Houston Dome is just one site where the State's pro leagues play to the public.

The city is outstanding in arts and culture and has preserved its roots while forwarding into the future. This fast growing metropolis has it all and both visitors and residents can expect some wonderful cuisine, entertainment, business ventures, music and shopping. For those that are in-tune with nature, the area also has many points of interest such as the city zoos, nature trails, rivers and streams and State Parks. The metropolis is breath-taking and definitely will be placed on your calendar again to visit at a later date.

As for real estate, there likely could not be a better investment in the United States then Texas. Texas has always held a strong economy, even during the recession when other states were devastated. Today, their strong hold on the economy remains, many areas have an above average household income and the school districts are good as well as business opportunities, all of which make for a strong real estate industry and a strong investment.

About Harris County, Texas

Located along the Gulf Coast region in the United States of Texas is Houston which is a 10- county metropolitan area. The area is also recognized as "Greater Houston". The city is the sixth-largest in the US and is home to 5,946,800 people as of 2010. The majority of the population lives in Houston, which is the center of the metropolis area.

The 10 counties in the metropolis are as follows:

  • Harris County: Harris County has a population of 4,092,459 which makes the county the most populous county in Texas. Its county seat is Houston.
  • Fort Bend County: Fort Bend County has a population of 585,375 and is considered to be one of the fastest-growing counties in the US. Its county seat is Richmond.
  • Montgomery County: Montgomery County has a population of 455,746 and is the 24th fastest-growing county in the US. The seat of the county is Conroe.
  • Brazoria County: Brazoria County has a population of 313,166 with its largest its largest city being Pearland. The seat for the county is Angleton.
  • Galveston County: Galveston County has a population of 313,166 with League City being the largest city in the county. The county's seat is Galveston.
  • Liberty County: Liberty County has a population of 75,643 the seat for the county is Liberty.
  • Waller County: Waller County has a population of 43,205 and seat for the county is Hempstead. Waller County was named after the first mayor of Austin, Edwin Waller.
  • Chambers County: Chambers County has a population of 35,096 and was founded in 1858. The seat of the county is Anahuac.
  • Austin County: Austin County has a population of 28,417 p and was named for the facilitator of the Anglo American colonization of Texas, Stephen F. Austin. The seat for the county is Bellville.
  • San Jacinto County: San Jacinto County has a population and was of 26,384 and it county seat is Coldspring.