Houston Real Estate

Houston is a 10 county metropolis built on 10,062 square miles (26,060 km squared) and houses 5,946,800 people. The area is diverse with forested land, prairies, swamp and marshes. Because Greater Houston is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States, real estate is booming.  

There are a number of reasons for this, with the main reason being the quality of life that the metropolitan area has to offer.  There are a variety of lifestyles which one can choose including apartment style living, condo living, town home living, single and multi family homes, lakefront property and acreage in the country.  

Homes in My Area

In the Downtown district of Houston alone, there are many first-class constructions that offer a way of living that can be found no where else.  Exquisite high rise condos with amenities such as in house theaters, bowling alley, top roof swimming pools, libraries, conceigre and much more.  There are also wonderful dwellings for the retired as well.  

For young professionals, families and seniors this is definitely a metropolitan area that has exactly what their needs may require with a variety of different properties to choose from.  Another advantage of the area is that there are specialized real estate agents sell in specific areas of the metropolitan, ensuring that you have the best information on the area there is.  

Greater Houston also has a variety of rental properties which are great for those that cannot afford to purchase a home.