Houston Major Streets and Roadways

Houston is an area to understand. The metro is big and fortunately for the driver, it is well planned. The city of Houston has over 16,000 lane miles of streets alone.The metropolitan area was designed on a grid pattern which allows major streets in the city to be laid out.

The city plan is that in which streets run at right angles to each other which then form a grid pattern. The size of the average city block in Greater Houston is 260 x 260 feet. The US follows a block and number systems with each block of a street is allotted one hundred building numbers. Greater Houston's freeway system is a hub-and-spoke freeway structure with multiple loops and includes 575.5 miles of freeweays and expressways.

Because of the structural layout of the streets, it is fairly easy to navigate the streets and locate an avenue or boulevard to make the navigation easier. There are various names, letters and numbers to the streets and because of the size of the metropolitan area, a map or a GPS system is definitely a must.

Major Freeways, Highways, and Streets

  • I-10 - Traverses city W to E
  • I-45 - Traverses city N to S
  • Sam Houston Tollway - Circles city
  • I-610 - Circles city inside Sam Houston Tollway
  • Westpark Tollway - Branches from center of city to W