Killeen, Texas

Killeen is one of the prime cities in the State of Texas in the US. The economy of the city is supported by the local military post and current families of the soldiers staying in the city. The city is well established, providing many employment opportunities in the fields of military, education, medicine, banking, retail and others. The city has many schools, colleges, hospitals, welfare organizations and is protected by municipal civil services department. There is well run fire department and police department located in the city as well. The main goal of these service departments is to take responsibility of community and welfare programs.

The city is famous for Fort Hood, national museums, space theaters and many other great destinations. There are many hotels and restaurants which serve the needs of the thousands of tourists visiting every year. 

The city offers tourists a variety of entertainment options, which includes racing, theaters, historic sites rodeos and many more. There are many great things to do and see in Killeen. Apart from its tourist attractions, the city is also a great choice to live in.

Welcome to the city of Killeen, where you will be able to make just about anything happen. The city also has a bustling nightlife, various places to eat, places to see and can also offer you a great shopping experience. It is also an area of history and culture.

Killeen History

The modern history of Killeen began in the year 1881. The city was established when the railroads Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe started laying tracks into the town. They found a small community of cattlemen called Palo Alto and bought 360 acres of land in the area. Killeen was named after the assistant general manager of the railroad Frank.P.Killeen. Over a period of time the town transformed into a city and during this period many schools, colleges and a railroad depot came into existence. People from the surrounding areas started to relocate to the town and by 1884 the town had a population of 350 residents. The city further expanded gradually and was served by a hotel, two saloons, two gristmills, five general stores and many more. During that time, the city became a major shipping point for cotton, grain and wool. The city started exporting these goods to Bell and Coryell counties.

By the year 1900, the population of the city reached 780. Many politicians and business men approached the Texas Legislature and kept a proposal to build bridges to double the city's trade area. In 1914, public water system started and two new banks were constructed in the city. The population started to increase and by 1914, it had 1,300 residents.

The second phase of the city's existence started in 1942. To meet the requirements of Second World War, Camp Hood was created in 1942. The city is filled with thousands of soldiers, their families and construction workers. The city became a town with military boom. The economy of the city was highly affected by the military post as it was spread over more than half of the farming trade area. Due to this, Killeen's cotton grins and other farm related businesses diminished. People started looking for new work and soon they started a new business of providing services for the military camps.

After the end of the Second World War, the city suffered a recession. In 1950, Fort Hood was established and was declared as the permanent army post. The city started to grow and the population reached 7,045 residents by the year 1950. During this period, many commercial buildings were constructed and the number of businesses grew to 224 by 1955. The city added an airport, a library, a junior college and many more facilities and became much more established. In 1980, it became the largest city in Bell County. The population of the city rose very fast and the city was considered as one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.

About Killeen, Texas

Killeen is located in Bell County within the State of Texas. It is among the popular counties in USA. It is considered as the principal city in Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) of Killeen-Temple-Fort-Hood. The city is situated at an elevation of 827 feet above the sea level. It is spread over an area of 35.4 square miles. The climate of Killeen is moderate where the temperature in summer reaches 80 (Fahrenheit) and the temperature in winter reaches 40 (Fahrenheit). The temperature differences are moderate between day and night. The population of the city recorded in census of 2001 was 86,911 residents. People belonging to different cultures and races live in this city. The primary racial profiles of the city are white, black, Native American, Asian and Pacific Islander.

The city has many schools and colleges. The Killeen Independent school District can be considered as the largest school in the district. Other famous schools are Ellison Schools Eagles, Harker Heights High School Knights, K-9 charter school of Honors Academy etc. The major colleges in the city are Central Texas College which offers more than 40 degrees and certifications, Texas A&M University and Tarleton state University. These schools and colleges provide the students the much needed "quality education". The city is protected by Killeen fire department and Killeen police department. The fire department is divided into 3 divisions namely, training, fire prevention and operation division. These 3 divisions play a major role in protecting the city from major fire accidents. The city is well connected by roads and railways. The city has a well developed airport - Killeen/Fort Hood Regional Airport.

The city has well established media and entertainment services. The city is famous for Vive lees Arts Theatre which is an arts organization producing several shows every year. There are many tourist attractions in the city that catch the eye of a visitor that include places like Central Texas State Fair, Belton Lake, Stillhouse Lake, Mayborn Planetarium, Santa Fe Depot, Hollywood Killeen stadium 14 etc. A 'Rodeo' show is among the popular shows in the city of Killeen. The Bell County Museum is a place one must visit which showcases exhibitions every year displaying many rare photographs, artifacts, costumes and many more.

The city has many hotels for tourists. The major hotels in the city are Shilo Suit Inn Hotel, Hilton Garden inn Killeen, Fairfield Inn Killeen, Townplace Suites Killeen etc. The best places to dine in the city are Texas Roadhouse, Little Italy and Joe's pizza and Sub's. One will definitely enjoy the mouthwatering regional food offered here.

About Bell County, Texas

Killeen is situated in Bell County as the principal county in Texas. The county was founded in 1850. The county is spread over an area of 1,088 square miles. Bell County is surrounded by McLennan County to the north, Falls County to the northeast, Milam County to the east southeast, Lampasas County to the west, Williamson County to the south and Coryell County to the northwest. The population density of the city is nearly 225 residents per square mile. The protected areas in the County are Belton Lake and Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

The major cities and towns in the county are Bartlett, Belton, Fort Hood, Harker Heights, Holland, Nolanville, Rogers, Salado, Temple and Troy. Belton is the County seat and Killeen is considered as the largest city in Bell County. The second largest city is Temple. The County is served with many schools and colleges. The famous colleges in the county are Temple independent school District, Belton Independent School District, Academy Independent School District, and Salado independent School district. The major airports in the County are Draughon-Miller Central Texas regional Airport, Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport, Skylark Field etc. The County has many multi specialty hospitals like Metroplex Hospital and Elmcreek Family Urgent care situated in Killeen city.

The County has many historical places and museums to visit. The biggest attraction in the County is Bell County Expo Center which offers a variety of events and entertainment programs. One can have a lot of fun and take part in recreational activities like rodeos, fairs, conventions, banquets livestock shows etc. The Expo Center is one of the must visit places of the County. The expo hosts several cultural and sports events every year. The expo even offers catering services and rooms to stay. Bell County Expo Center is considered as the best multipurpose entertainment arena in Central Texas.

The other attraction in the County is Bell County Museum which preserves the cultural and traditional heritage of the County. Bell County offers fun, entertainment and recreation for the visitors.